Time of refreshing:
This program comes up every Sunday. Time 9:00 AM - 12 : 00 noon. Pause...

Power Must Change Hands:
The program comes up August 5th. Participants are encouraged to fast the whole day of friday and are expected to break the fast after the program. Pause...

Leaders of Tomorrow:
The program comes up every Wednesday, between the hours of 11:30 am - 1 pm. Join the phone line 605-475-4057 pin 798129#. It is a program dedicated to praying for children and youths. Parents should encourage their kids to participate. Pause...

O! God Arise:
The last Sunday of every month is a fasting and prayer day. Worshippers should come fasting and prepared to tarry before God. The God of possibility will be waiting for you to provide solutions to puzzles of life. . Pause...

Communion Service:
Our communion service will be announced as led by the Holy Spirit, He broke it and gave it to them, saying, "This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me." ..."This cup which is poured out for you is the new covenant in My blood...(Luke 22:19-20 ) . Pause...



"2017: My Year of Indisputably Victory and Uncommon Deliverance. (Proverbs 11vs 21. Number 32vs23.)"

  1. Don't hate anyone. Is like digging the grave.
  2. A year of confuse noises and meaning less storms.
  3. There will be heavenly final whistle to those attacking Gods people.
  4. A year of fighting between the roads and the road users
  5. A year of creditable and fighting battle
  6. A year of disgrace of international serpent and scorpions
  7. A year of triumph and incredibly victory and seventh means victory
  8. A year of fanatics new beginning fo many people
  9. When the dart will attack on the owner of the salt
  10. All those who are involved in corruption Will suffer it.
  11. A year of givers and uncommon blessing for them that give.
  12. This year many foundational problems will expire
  13. A year of divine delivery.
  14. A great and intense confrontation between children of God and children of darkness but the Children of God shall prevail.
  15. A year of great confrontation between immortality and morality.
  16. A year of great challenge and also, achievement for those who are ready to fight the good fight of faith.
  17. A year of extra victory.
  18. A year of redemption for many lands that are in contend.
  19. A year of breakthrough for those who are fishers of men.
  20. A year heaven will honour prayer targeted to victory.
  21. A no noise year monitor by slapping angels.
  22. A year were the last laugh.
  23. A year a lot of prayers are needed for nations that show no respect for the Bible.
  24. A year where those who deeply love the lord will not be moved by political things.
  25. If you have sow into the things of the lord blessings will follow you.
  26. A year of angel of blessing.
  27. God will beginning to raise powerful young ministers since the Adults have failed God.
  28. Serious prayers to avoid unprecedented commotion on the earth, manifestation through earthquake, hurricanes, etc.
  29. A year of double Edge vengeance.
  30. A year to restructure spiritual revival or persistent.
  31. A year where warfare mentality is a prerequisite for Survival.
  32. Under obedience Will attract serious heaven consequences.
  33. The year of very deep sorrow for the wicked.
  34. A year where when many that are mock will rejoice.
  35. A year of satanic recruitment to cage young girls, teenagers, and serious prayers are needed.
  36. A year of great awaken and a year of great shaking.
  37. A year of showers of blessings that will change story.
  38. A year of aggressive sex demonic and pervasiveness.
  39. A very bad year for fornication and adultery.
  40. Very rough year of Jonah Christians.

Ten keys to survive in 2017.

  1. Leave a holy life. Without holiness will not see the lord.
  2. You must stop unbelieve. It is snatching
  3. Have a goal. Without goal, life becomes dull. Say no to laziness.
  4. Be persistent. The ability to take a repeated action to over one's obstacles.
  5. Always seek divine directive. Motto: Is there any word from the lord?
  6. Be fill with the Holy Ghost
  7. Disengage yourself from unprofitable friends.
  8. Be generous towards God
  9. Locate your weakness and address them.
  10. Become a prayer and a bible addict.

Strike the rock

20 Years bondage broken

Neighborhood strongman dethroned

Speeding summon dismissed on the altar of prayers

Delivered from financial wreck

Delivered from the shadow of death

Blood of Jesus speaks Passover

The City will not be our cauldron

God troubled those troubling my Israel

Alive from the devils den

God, the invisible hand

Mountain became plain

Prayer stopped paralysis

God's providence